Alive, Living and Breathing

Alive, Living and Breathing

It feels like we have finally surfaced from down under this summer.

We have walked ‘hard’ with our darling baby but are currently enjoying the breaths of air we are breathing in.

As most of you know, Will Franklin had Pertussis, i.e. whooping cough at 9 weeks that lasted for 150 days instead of the 100 we had hoped.  Then in February as he was just starting to get well and sleep, he developed hives that lasted for 5 months. In July, we did some radical dietary changes with him as well as worked with a Naturopath

and have seen 95% improvement. The most noted improvement is a happy little boy.  Prior to this he would just cry and in hindsight I clearly know he DID NOT FEEL GOOD.

In April, he had a round of  German Measles.  I am pretty confident that he got it  when we visited  our little ‘neighborhood library’.  The first 6 months of his life we went nowhere except occasionally to church.  We finally got out to take in a story hour and some one in that little itty, bitty room  had probably gotten their MMR vaccine very recently.  MMR’s are live vaccines and my baby’s immune system could not handle it.

We have been hive free for about 6 weeks and it has been wonderful.  Little Will Franklin is such a happy boy.  It is such a gift.  Sleep and a happy baby have allowed me  a chance to catch my breath  It has been a very, hard, intense year but I know there has been growth in our souls and for that I am so grateful.

We are getting ready to start the school year next week so there will be new challenges and hurdles to cross.  Cooking and hobbies have all fallen by the wayside but I feel renewed energy rising.  :-)

Here are just some random pictures of our family from this summer!

Berries off our land!  So fun!

Berries off of our land! So fun!

CJ before all the beautiful curls fell off.  Sniff!

CJ before all the beautiful curls fell off. Sniff!

All grown up!

All grown up!

It was precious though, the night he had them cut off he came racing to find me after his shower.  He just needed re-assurance that I was ok with him just like he was.  Last summer, he wanted to cut them off and I wanted him to leave them on so he did.  This summer, he’s older and a bit more independent so I decided it was time for him to have his own opinion.  As soon as his shower was over he came yelling through the house for me. I was downstairs in the laundry room and he jumped into my arms and rubbed his hands up and down my arms and said to me repeatedly, “I lube (he gets his b’s and v’s mixed up) you mom”.  It was such a precious mommy moment for me to reassure him that I loved my CJ in the core of who he is with or without curls!

We picked our 1st peaches ever off of our fruit trees.  So fun!

We picked our 1st peaches ever off of our fruit trees. So fun!


Bike riding has been so fun!

Bike riding has been so fun!

Clearly she lives in a boy's world!!

Clearly she lives in a boy’s world!!

Cheers to a lovely day!


Arctic Blast + Free e-book = Perfect Time To Cook!

With the frigid temps that have hit the nation, we might as well cook, right?

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If you miss this deal but want to download it for $6.99 you may do so from Feb 19 -Feb 28 at the above links. :-)

Many of you have prayed for our family over the past 6 months, we are so grateful to you for caring for us in this way!  We are seeing light, getting a bit more sleep as of last week and have a baby that appears to be growing stronger and stronger.  We are so grateful!!

Thanks for caring for us!




This post isn’t about my glowing ‘word’ of the year or about ‘my goals’.  Shucks, I hardly  knew it was New Year’s Eve the other night.  I was in  bed long before 12 only to have the guns around our neighborhood wake me to remind me that it indeed is 2015!

Isn’t it amazing how you can capture moments where life looks so peaceful and everything looks serene?  That is  captured well here in this picture (we look a little worn out from all the posing because this was at the very end of the photo shoot but really every thing still looks pretty peaceful)!

H33A8964But the reality is that our life has been far from that since Will Franklin was born.  I had a nearly perfect pregnancy, at 40 no less but life outside the womb has been hard for Will.  The first 8 weeks he cried all the time, we had 1 week of calm and then at 9 weeks he picked up Pertussis, aka whooping cough.

We have seen God’s hand in many neat ways over the past 3 months.  I could write for hours but as you can imagine there are a lot of other things that need my attention these days.  Shoot, I can’t even get the laundry done. :-)

I would like to share a snibbet of what I posted on facebook October 20, 2014.  It gives you a glimpse into God’s care for us and in an previous post before this one I had shared how people were bringing food and picking up laundry, we have been well cared for!

So many of you are praying for us and lifting us to Jesus, thank you! Your words have given us such courage. I want to share a bit: In the wee hours yesterday morning I had this overwhelming sense like the Great Physician was just here. His presence was so real in our home!!

We had, had a much better night but I was afraid to believe because based on all that we had read this is the 100 day illness and the extreme coughing can be around for weeks and then add the fact that Will is a teeny, tiny baby that only complicates it.

We went about our morning and after breakfast, Merv as the Elder in our home gathered us around and we had an anointing service for Will. And as my babies laid hands on Will and squeaked out prayers that only Jesus understood I now know something happened. We have gone from 5 minute violent, gagging, coughing fits every 45-60 minutes 4 days ago to 1-2 minute coughing fits and some of them are even 90 minutes apart.

This morning, in the wee hours the song, The Gentle Healer came to me. It makes me weep. I don’t know what the future holds for my family but Jesus never wastes an opportunity, I don’t want to either. I can’t help but believe that one of my friends out here needs Jesus, in a personal way. In their own heart, not the faith of someone else and so I share this song (just click the link):

December 29 was the 100th day.  Two days later Will seemed to have a relapse and we have been dealing with him waking up every hour again for the past 6 nights.  It is hard to see your baby sick, it is hard to deal with the weariness that sets in when mom and dad can’t get good sleep but we are pressing in to the ‘hard’ and don’t want to waste any of life’s moments that we should be learning in this process.

I don’t know how long I will be breaking from my blog again but I suppose it will be a good number of months before I am back in the saddle.  Thanks for your prayers!

Do look for a free e-book opportunity on The Farmer’s Daughter around the end of February right here.  Baker Publishing is currently working on another 24 hours of a free download.

Blessings to you as you walk your journey well!



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