‘Happy Birthday Jesus’ Party

We hosted a party last week.  It was so much fun. I am not sure if  it was my kids or I who was most excited?  As a mom, I struggle in knowing how to wrap my arms around the fact that Christmas is about Jesus coming in flesh as a baby but we all get the gifts?  How do I impart the mystery of Christmas to my little ones?  And let me tell you I love gifts.  I love Christmas, I love all the cozy, warm feelings that go along with every thing around this glorious event.  But yet I wrestle, I want my kids to get it.  That Christmas is so much more then the gifts we get or that it’s not about Santa Claus  or being ‘naughty or nice’ contrary to what my neighbors are discussing with my boys?

So my husband and I have talked for several years about doing a party for Jesus.  Some year we hope to do it with dad’s joining us but this year it was a day party with mom’s and lots of little kids.

We invited about 16+ kids and told them to bring $$ for an animal project that we would pick out from a Gospel for Asia or World Vision Christmas catalog.  They had fun looking thru the catalogs!

IMG_0328These precious children blew me away.  They came up with $82.  We will probably  purchase chickens, seed packets and bibles with the money. 

My boys were so into this party.  I don’t think they nearly understood everything but then again maybe they got more then I think.  Cj was racing around taping little Snoopy pictures to the front door and Camden was blowing up every balloon he could put his little mouth on.  We were partying!  And it’s in that Spirit that Christ breathes wind into our souls, if we let HIM!IMG_0343We had a simple line up.  When they arrived we were going to go to the card making station and they were supposed to make a birthday card for Jesus and tell him what they want to give HIM or do for HIM this Christmas.  The cards were varied and touching!  Such sweet creativity!  For the wee ones we had a little baby Jesus paper that they could paste real straw on the manager.

IMG_0361IMG_0367And then this sweet girl, Elysa sang us “Happy Birthday Jesus” complete with the sign motions.  It was so sweet!!  And kids are so spontaneous.  It’s just so precious to see life thru their eyes!!

IMG_0325IMG_0357I hope that this Christmas you will have some time to sit and ponder the mystery of Christmas and how the message plays out in a practical way in your personal decisions!  Merry Christmas!


4 Commentsto ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’ Party

  1. Sherri says:

    I love this idea!! I’m a little late to get it done this year but would love to it next year!!

    • Dawn Dawn says:

      Sherri, there is always next year. It took a couple of years for me to pull it off too! Keep it simple. Kids don’t care and it creates less stress so that you can actually accomplish it! Blessings to you!

  2. Clarita says:

    This is such a great idea, Dawn! My kids would absolutely love this. I ‘ll remember it for next year. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. Carmen Byler says:

    As a mom of young children I can really relate to wrestling with the tension of Christmas/gift giving/true meaning! I too so long for them to really “get it”. It’s amazing how they are like little sponges and totally drink up what we are teaching. It’s awesome and exciting and motivating. =) Your party is SUCH a wonderful way to do this!! I just might have to put this on our bucket list to do next year! Thanks so much for sharing! I enjoy reading your blogs. =)

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