Beef Brisket. Oh My!!!


Bluebonnets at there BEST!!!

This past spring, while in Texas for a month accompanying my husband on a business trip we got to experience some of the BEST brisket E.V.E.R!!  Oh my!  It was just that good.  Merv has traveled a lot to Texas for business in the past 8 1/2 years of our marriage and he always talks about the brisket.  Brisket is something I have never made but I knew I had 2 pieces in my freezer that I have been saving for the right recipe and the right time.  They were cuts we got when we purchased a quarter of a beef two different times, I just knew that they are expensive cuts and ones that I don’t want to waste frivolously.


I apologize I don’t have better pictures. I always seem to forget to pull out my camera when I am in the kitchen!

While in Texas, I asked all the locals how to prepare brisket, of course they did not share there secrets but most of them told me they smoke it and have never done it in an oven.  Well that automatically knocks me out of the ball park because I don’t have a smoker. But then I remembered my friend, Rita had mentioned several years ago that she has a recipe.  I asked her for it and it is a keeper, yes in deed.  Granted the brisket didn’t  taste  completely like the Texans do it but it sure was delish.  I think it will be a new favorite for special occasions at our house.  My boys 4 and 6 years old ate meat like grown men the two days that we had this on the menu. This was our Father’s Day meat entree and hubbs was happy!  You need to allow some time for the baking but it really is an easy meat entree!


Because I had 2 pieces of brisket I had a total of 6 1/2 lbs but you can easily do this recipe with more or less.

Take your meat and pound seasonings liberally into the meat, don’t cut the fat off of this meat. I used salt and pepper, liquid smoke (I would say 1 tbsp per side), 2 fresh garlic (per side)  and 1 fresh onions (per piece of meat).  Wrap meat tightly in foil, with fat side up so that the fat drips down into the meat while baking.  I triple foiled it. I wanted to retain all the juices and steam.  Place it in a roaster pan with a lid. Set your oven temp at 200 degrees and let it set in the oven for a long winters nap.  Rita’s recipe said 8 hours but she advised me to check it at 6 -7 hours. I am glad I did because my smaller piece would have been way over done before the 8 hour mark.  I allowed the larger piece the full 8 hours.

Allow the meat to cool.  Slice it and refrigerate over night if you want it for the next day.  If you want it for dinner just top it with BBQ sauce of your choice and re-heat just until hot. You do not want to cook it any longer you just want it nice and hot to serve.  I hope you will find this as delish as we did.  If your having company for the 4th of July this would be such a great piece of meat to prepare!


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  1. Margaret says:

    This is the way we make brisket and it is always so tender. We usually slice it and put back in a some aluminum pan with all the liquid and freeze for a while be fore we eat it. Really distributes the flavor.

    • Dawn Dawn says:

      Thanks for taking the time to post. Your tip about freezing brisket is so helpful!! I will try it next time!

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