Success! First for both flowers


I have always wanted to play around with rooting my own flowers from a leaf cutting.  Last summer, I snipped a couple of clippings from my sisters gorgeous, old fashioned hydrangea and Viola this summer I have such gorgeous big flowers from one of the clippings!  Granted not all of them made it but I am so happy with the one!

IMG_2398 IMG_2395This is what I did.  At an angle, I  clipped a stock of hearty stem with several leaves on it and dipped it into a rooting hormone.  You should be able to buy this or a similar product at your local Lowe’s, Home Depot or garden center.   Dug a little hole in the ground and stuck it in.  Tucked dirt all around it and watered it occasionally. I would advise you that you find a somewhat relatively shady area if you are going to try to root things in the heat of the summer. You can always transplant later.

And then the other success this spring, last fall are these gorgeous stalks of larkspur. IMG_2531I have tried for years to get a crop going to of no avail. I am sure I have bought nearly 15 packets of seeds.  I would scatter in the fall and hope upon hope that they would come up.  Last fall I planted these pink seeds and this year they are in full bloom!!!  I am so excited. I also randomly planted some more lark spur  seeds this spring and had a bit more  success. I have lavenders, purples and whites just starting to bloom. I am so excited about this as well!!!  If you plant them in a good place they are supposed to re-seed themselves year after year.   IMG_2561So even though they are not a perennial , if the soil below it is fertile and loose the seeds will drop and next summer you will have another crop of these gorgeous spikes!!

For now we are all enjoying this little bit of summer in our home!


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