It’s been Days, Weeks, Months

since I have been here because I have been buried under our new bundle of joy!  Sweet, little Will Franklin has had so many challenges since birth.  I think he liked the womb best.  It’s tested my resolve.  I am worn out, I am tired! But in all this, my heart and soul has bonded to this little boy like I didn’t know possible.

In his first 8 weeks of life, if he wasn’t sleeping or eating he was crying.  I don’t just mean every once in a while. I mean every waking minute.  The verse, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God” became my husband and I ‘s constant prayer.  We have tried so many things, pro-biotics, chiropractic care, visited the pediatrician several times, homeopathy, sac-cranial therapy (never in my life heard of it until this babes), 8 different pacifiers, and all of these things are to just name a few of the things that we have done.  We have cried, we have been worried (that there was something terribly wrong), we have prayed. He has consumed our every waking moments.

Please say a prayer that little Will Frankin would be well again.

Please say a prayer that little Will Frankin would be well again.

He is now 12 weeks and we have new, other issues.  Thrush and a nasty cough that is startling.  I walked into Salvation Army the other day and he had a nasty round of coughing and all the heads turned and looked at me as if to say, “Woman, what is wrong with your baby?”  I just wanted to run, and run fast but I pulled myself together and reminded myself that he is ok per the Dr.  Lungs are clear, oxygen and respiratory levels are good.  The cough keeps us awake at night because it wrecks you when you hear your ‘wee one’ miserable.  Our best defense at this point has been essential oils that help him with his breathing and breast feeding.  Our pediatrician (who has a great reputation in our county) would have hospitalized him if he would have had a fever of 100.4  but he hasn’t spiked a fever once during this time and looks at us and smiles, which melts us all into a puddle especially after the first 8 weeks.  All that to say he seems to feel good except for the cough. And the Dr told me to go on with normal life.

So this is my world and it’s my ‘hard’.  3 months have slipped by and I am still emerging from the little piles that are sitting all around me in my house.  Projects, things left undone because they really aren’t important.  I hardly read my Bible these days but then I happen on verses that speak to my heart (my heart  really does long to sit in His presence but I hardly get a shower or get my kids fed so long, glowing times with the Lord are out).  Or I hear something and I am in awe of the One so great who loves me.  Genesis 28:16 says it best as I wonder thru these moments in time.  “Surely the LORD is in this place, and I wasn’t even aware of it!”

As I am reflecting HE truly has been in my moments, they just look different then I would have thought they would be.

I am counting my blessings, and I have them in 4 precious babies and 1 wonderful husband.  This is to only name the biggest of my blessings.  There are a thousand more!  Because I have friends who are hurting, one of my dear friends lost her dad very unexpectedly at the young age of 60 (he was an outstanding man and has left an incredible legacy).  And then there is one of my husband’s colleagues who is losing his wife to cancer at the young age of 30ish and I am sure you know people around you who are carrying deep pain in their hearts over something.  So I go back to the verse, “Surely the LORD is in place, and I wasn’t even aware of it!”.


Cheers to a lovely week, as you look for the moments that Jesus shows up in your life!


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  1. Sue Robinson says:

    I had no idea that you were going through so much. Your sweet family will be in my prayers. We have an awesome God!

  2. Mary lou Yoder says:

    What a lovely family and thanks for posting ! I will remember to pray for all of you. You sound like great parents. Blessings to you ! Mary lou n Ed

    • Dawn Dawn says:

      Oh Mary Lou, you are kind, very kind! Somedays I sure don’t feel like a great parent when all I am doing is correcting, aka yelling at my kids! Bless you

  3. Thinking of you – Dawn. I’m sorry you’ve been walking this path… but, I know you’ve never been alone!

    He is with you. PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE!

    I’ll be praying for you. Your four blessings are beautiful.
    PS: My sister just gifted me with your Farmer’s Daughter cookbook (for my birthday!) – I’ve been enjoying just sitting and reading through it. I made your Mom’s baked Mac & Cheese just the other evening. Very good!

  4. Laurie Mullet says:

    I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Your attitude of looking at the things you have to be grateful for is right on but i also know that in the middle of the crying a mom can feel like like she’s losing her mind. Wishing and praying for grace and peace for you in the middle of this. Hugs to you, Laurie M.

  5. Clarita says:

    Dawn, I had no idea it’s been such a challenging few months! What a difficult adjustment! I think one of the hardest parts of what you’ve described would be not being able to do anything to help your little son – seeing the symptoms of something wrong but not being able to fix it. That would be so hard!! Praying for you guys, and love your heart to choose joy in the middle of one of the most difficult seasons you’ve experienced…. xoxo

  6. Mary Ann Mast says:

    So sorry to hear that your son has the whooping cough. Praying for healing and strength for you and Merv as you continue on this journey. (Linda Stoltzfus is my sister) When our children are hurting it breaks our hearts as well.

    • Dawn Dawn says:

      Thank you so much for your prayers. It has been a whirlwind and a miracle. We are holding a baby that went from violent 5 minute coughing sprees every 30-60 minutes in 5 days to 1 who only coughs several times a day. I am sure I will blog about it at some point but our lives spun out of control when we got the call last Tuesday. Pure miracle by all the things I read and considering this is called ‘the 100 day illness’ we are just so grateful the Great Physician has visited our home! .

  7. Jenny says:

    Hi Dawn, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog in the past, remembering the times I got to spend with you and your aunt Rose. Your family is beautiful and I love the way you’re pouring yourself into being a mommy! So sorry it’s been so rough! Oh, I know the feeling of a baby who won’t quit crying, and you crying out for wisdom, and maybe crying yourself to sleep at night? And maybe once this is all in the past you’ll look back and see God’s grace, but in the middle of it, it’s just.plain.hard. Now that I read this, I want to pray for you, for strength and peace, and for wisdom in knowing how to help your baby. Love you!

    • Dawn Dawn says:

      Jenny, you like none other know what it is like to care for a baby with all your heart, soul and mind. So good to hear from you today! Thanks for your prayers!! I feel the prayers of the people around me! I sure would love to see you again. We keep talking about when we can get out to Colorado. Blessings to you!

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