I was listening to Max Lucado today and just struck with his profound wisdom.  I share these words in hope you will be able to process the  truth in these spoken words this Christmas season!

“We ALL need a King,

We ALL need a Saviour,

We need a King who runs our world,

We need a Saviour who washes away our sin,

If you don’t have a King it’s all up to you.  Consequently YOUR world spirals out of control cause you

think you have to control it all and you end up never doing that and that creates anxiety and fear.

If you don’t have a Saviour then you live with guilt.  You either become a legalist or you become defeated.

You were never intended to compensate for your sin.”

I do need a King who runs my world and I do need a Saviour who washes away my sin.  So thankful for the gift of Jesus!

IMG_0324Cheers to a great Friday!


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  1. Gloria Logan says:

    Oh so true. Thank you for sharing. I always love to read your blogs.

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