Snow Fun

 Mr. Snowman had an umbrella because rain was coming!

Mr. Snowman had an umbrella                                         because rain was coming!

We sure enjoyed our 24″ of snow a couple of weeks ago.  It was a perfect storm because we never lost power and the storm arrived on the weekend.  So fun!  Last week we were expecting an all day rain so the day before it was all predicted to fall we went out with our little spray bottles and colored the snow.


IMG_8483IMG_8485It was some quick fun.  Fill spray bottles almost full with water, add a couple of drops of food coloring and presto you have snow spray!   I should have purchased larger spray bottles because these little tiny, [cheap] ones didn’t do a stellar job.  It was still the idea that we were painting the snow that pulled the kids in! My baby did not think ANY OF IT WAS FUN!  He just cried the whole time!  He really hasn’t liked this ‘snow idea’ much at all!  Hopefully next winter will be different for him.

This was Will's take on the whole deal!

This was Will’s take
on the whole deal!

Cheers to more snow!!!



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