It’s Time!

Our cookbook releases February 1.  We are excited to bring it to you.  We plan to do a little giveaway on that day so check back to enter.

I hope two features you will like about the book are: 1)  it’s spiral bound and  2)  little herb’s  denote my Mother’s recipes vs mine.

You can purchase the book here.



2 Commentsto It’s Time!

  1. Carolyn Miller says:

    I just inherited your cookbook, The Farmers Daughter, and have been enjoying reading it immensely. I am not very far and already have several recipes that I want to try which is unusual because I have my tried and true sources/books that I fall back on and seldom am tempted to buy new cookbooks (I love to do my own experimentation). Looking forward to more recipes. Blessings. (I was a friend of your husbands many years ago.)

    • Dawn Dawn says:

      How nice to hear from you and props to experimenting on your own in your kitchen. I am sure you are a wonderful cook! Bless you as you serve the ones you love!

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