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From The Farm House Kitchen

My mother and I were able to collaborate together on a project that we hope you will find to be a delightful read and a nice addition to your kitchen.

Harvest House and their team have been wonderful to work with and have done a fantastic job on the interior of this book, we were excited when we saw how beautifully they have put it together!

This project releases March 2018.

We are humbled and excited and pray that this project will bring honor to the name of Jesus!

Here are a few more details if you would like to read a bit more on the Harvest House website.


Dawn & Carol


Protein Granola Balls

These days our meals are very simple.  We have just completed a 4 week detox.  We eliminated all wheat, dairy and sugar from our diet in an effort to pin point  where my baby’s hives are coming from and also attempt to help rid my first born of his nasal allergies.

The detox definitely had it’s challenge but we made it.  A 9 year old, 7 year old, and 5 year old with palettes that know what fun sugar, diary and wheat are make it for the ‘best of times and the worst of times’!  Amazingly enough our 2 year old already has a pretty refined palette.  We made it though and I was pleased with the personal self discipline a few of my children made when put in difficult situations where they were offered candy!  We went thru some symptoms of bodies detoxing; grumpiness, flu like symptoms and food cravings.

The kids ate copious amounts of fruit to aid in fueling them with energy.  I wish I would have written down how much fruit we purchased in the first two weeks.  We had a cornucopia of fruit available to them to keep them focused and not feeling deprived.  We bought so many strawberries, blueberries and black berries.  I was in the grocery store every 3 days buying 3 bunches of bananas, grapes, kiwis, pineapples and whatever fruit was on sale or looked good.  I do know that we bought 35 lbs of cuties/oranges in the first two weeks and consumed them all!  One week after piano, we ran into an Asian Market and they had ataulfo (our favorite) mangoes; so we bought a box of 16 but that didn’t last long.  The next week we bought 2 boxes for a total of 32.  They clearly are one of our favorite fruits!

For snacks they ate nuts, nut butters with apples and hummus with carrots or bell peppers.  Nitrate free turkey and fruit.  We did brown rice and sweet potatoes at dinner.  Fish, chicken and mostly grass fed beef, in the morning I would make sugar free sausage out of ground chicken.  The fats we used were coconut oil, ghee and organic butter (which is dairy but there is a lot of research out there about butter being ok, do your research).

I also incorporated high doses  of pro-biotics for the 2 boys we were targeting.  I did not get the complete results I had hoped for with my baby but I did get a few answers. He still is dealing with hives post detox  and we haven’t really re-introduced dairy.  We have only occasionally had bread but I have been very selective with that too it’s been mostly sprouted or gluten free.  So I didn’t have the full results I was hoping for with baby #4 the one thing that blew me away was how he advanced developmentally during that time. It was pure crazy. One day he was so busy exploring and busy with developmental strides I literally was ready to put him in his crib for an hour just to give me a break (I didn’t).  It was so exciting to see his development during this time.  His vocabulary expanded beyond my comprehension as well.

These protein balls are a part my offering ‘for sweet’ to my children on a regular bases, we did temporarily take them out (even though there is no sugar in them) during the first two weeks of the detox but added them back in for energy for the kids.  I just felt like my children needed energy in a way that Merv and I did not.  Merv & I  were able to get enough from the fruit we were eating.

This is a little window into our world the past several months.  I would love to hear what is one thing you (that is very important to you) do to keep your family healthy? You can place it in the comments.  I have become this compulsive researcher since having a sick baby and  I can never have too much information when it comes to the good things to do for my family!

One (of many) of the other things we have been doing lately; raising chicks! So fun for these two!



Protein Granola Balls
Print Recipe
70-80 balls
70-80 balls
Protein Granola Balls
Print Recipe
70-80 balls
70-80 balls
Servings: balls
  1. Beat together all ingredients. Scoop out with a small cookie scoop on a parchment lined cookie sheet. These will store in your frig for weeks or can freeze what you will not eat immediately.
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Valentines – Let it be a Reminder

of a greater love.  A LOVE we can’t ever out give, it’s so much more then a date on the calendar!   Sometimes we lose sight of our Father’s love because we can’t see Him or physically feel Him but maybe He has come in the form of a whisper to your heart.  You just need to stop long enough to listen…..

Sometimes the hardest thing is attuning our hearts to hear what he says; because the ‘other voices are loud’ we let them drown out what is the best voice.

  Maybe you heard Him say, “You are enough”….when you feel inadequate

Maybe He is saying, “I am your Burden bearer”….when you are heavy laden

Maybe it’s, “I am your Door”…..when it looks as if there is no way out

He could be saying, “I am the God of Armies”…..when the pressures are on

Or let Me be your, “God of details”……when you are frustrated

I will be your, “God of love”…when you feel unloved and need a hug

Whatever your greatest need is today, there is always a name of God that can meet that need.  Sometimes it’s us simply aligning our spirits to His Spirit to hear it!  That is a LOVE worth KNOWING!

So celebrate the love you have with the ones closest to you this Valentine’s Day.  Make it a bit extra special but don’t overdo it, if it’s not in your realm to do so this year.   A simple celebration could be as basic as fresh strawberries dipped in Nutella.  Just be sure to light the candles.  Candles make the humblest of celebrations Grand!

Cheers to loving well!


Today Was The Day

my mom and I submitted our manuscript.  We are very humbled and grateful to be doing a cookbook together with Harvest House.

This cake recipe will be in the book!

Her and my father drove to Virginia last weekend to be with us.  It was a special time, all weekend Grandpa played Ticket To Ride with the boys and they even got a game in Sunday morning before church.  The girls all had a little tea party, with Kate taking care of all the table details; we even had macaroons, oh so good!

  This book will release January 2018.  It will be full of traditional recipes that my mom has cooked with for years on the farm, coupled with stories woven in and out.

My portion will have a twist of  simple food (it’s the season I find myself in) woven with some thoughts that I have been pondering in my heart over the past 2 years.

My baby wanted in on a picture with Grandma!