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We were driving home from Story Hour at the library this morning and this song, Flawless by Mercy Me was playing.  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I. HEAR. IT I weep!  There is something so beautiful, healing to my soul about this song.

And I told my kids, “Kids, if you don’t get anything else I am teaching you, ‘GET THIS………….Jesus has made you flawless”.  I am on this journey of homeschooling and we have good days and bad days.  I have the QUESTIONS!! All of them!!!! They range from will my kids be alright on the other side of this journey, would they be better off in a school and on and on they go?  I wrestle a lot with all of these things BUT in that moment it was sacred and they asked, “Mom, are you crying?” Yes, mom is crying?  I don’t have to get all this stuff perfect.  All He is asking of me is to be faithful and at this time in my life He has called me to this path.  I know it, I have the confirmations from earlier this year but I am human and I still question.

I saw little Kate sitting in the back seat wiping tears from her little, chocolate dropped eyes.  Did she understand it all?  I doubt it but in that silence I knew we had a ‘holy’ moment!  I saw CJ just look at me in complete silence, the van was still as a pin; that rarely happens!


I don’t know where your soul needs grace today but I pray that you will let the words of this song seep into your fibers! Cause the truth is we are all bumped, bruised and scarred!

With Love!


It’s been Days, Weeks, Months

since I have been here because I have been buried under our new bundle of joy!  Sweet, little Will Franklin has had so many challenges since birth.  I think he liked the womb best.  It’s tested my resolve.  I am worn out, I am tired! But in all this, my heart and soul has bonded to this little boy like I didn’t know possible.

In his first 8 weeks of life, if he wasn’t sleeping or eating he was crying.  I don’t just mean every once in a while. I mean every waking minute.  The verse, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God” became my husband and I ‘s constant prayer.  We have tried so many things, pro-biotics, chiropractic care, visited the pediatrician several times, homeopathy, sac-cranial therapy (never in my life heard of it until this babes), 8 different pacifiers, and all of these things are to just name a few of the things that we have done.  We have cried, we have been worried (that there was something terribly wrong), we have prayed. He has consumed our every waking moments.

Please say a prayer that little Will Frankin would be well again.

Please say a prayer that little Will Frankin would be well again.

He is now 12 weeks and we have new, other issues.  Thrush and a nasty cough that is startling.  I walked into Salvation Army the other day and he had a nasty round of coughing and all the heads turned and looked at me as if to say, “Woman, what is wrong with your baby?”  I just wanted to run, and run fast but I pulled myself together and reminded myself that he is ok per the Dr.  Lungs are clear, oxygen and respiratory levels are good.  The cough keeps us awake at night because it wrecks you when you hear your ‘wee one’ miserable.  Our best defense at this point has been essential oils that help him with his breathing and breast feeding.  Our pediatrician (who has a great reputation in our county) would have hospitalized him if he would have had a fever of 100.4  but he hasn’t spiked a fever once during this time and looks at us and smiles, which melts us all into a puddle especially after the first 8 weeks.  All that to say he seems to feel good except for the cough. And the Dr told me to go on with normal life.

So this is my world and it’s my ‘hard’.  3 months have slipped by and I am still emerging from the little piles that are sitting all around me in my house.  Projects, things left undone because they really aren’t important.  I hardly read my Bible these days but then I happen on verses that speak to my heart (my heart  really does long to sit in His presence but I hardly get a shower or get my kids fed so long, glowing times with the Lord are out).  Or I hear something and I am in awe of the One so great who loves me.  Genesis 28:16 says it best as I wonder thru these moments in time.  “Surely the LORD is in this place, and I wasn’t even aware of it!”

As I am reflecting HE truly has been in my moments, they just look different then I would have thought they would be.

I am counting my blessings, and I have them in 4 precious babies and 1 wonderful husband.  This is to only name the biggest of my blessings.  There are a thousand more!  Because I have friends who are hurting, one of my dear friends lost her dad very unexpectedly at the young age of 60 (he was an outstanding man and has left an incredible legacy).  And then there is one of my husband’s colleagues who is losing his wife to cancer at the young age of 30ish and I am sure you know people around you who are carrying deep pain in their hearts over something.  So I go back to the verse, “Surely the LORD is in place, and I wasn’t even aware of it!”.


Cheers to a lovely week, as you look for the moments that Jesus shows up in your life!


Free ebook for A Farmer’s Daughter and Baby Will

July 30 from midnight to midnight you can download for FREE, to your electronic device a copy of my cookbook,  A Farmer’s Daughter.  And then from July 31 to August 6, it will be on special for $6.99.  If you don’t have the book and have been wanting to get the ebook TODAY is a perfect chance to take advantage of this free deal!

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And finally, Will Franklin joined our family on Wednesday, July 16.  We are thrilled with this precious little boy.  The delivery was great and my recovery has been fantastic!  We are so blessed.  He weighed 10 lbs, 13 oz at birth (biggest baby yet) and was 23″ long.  He is quite the hefty little fellow!

 IMG_3092 IMG_3211





July 4th Ice-Cream Cone Remake

Sweet little fingers stacking his fruit!

Sweet little fingers stacking his fruit!

As I near the delivery of my 4th baby I have been attempting to do things with my kids that make them happy, that let them know that they are special as we prepare to make room in our home and hearts for another little person.  I have far more ideas in my head then will ever make it into ‘reality for the kids’.  And then my own personal ‘LIST’ of projects will probably go undone for another year because the reality of my energy level is just that, well reality.  I hardly get anything done these days other then feed the kids and maybe one or two small projects.

I haven’t even washed and sorted the baby clothes but I did manage to get a few one-sies and a sleeper folded and into the going away bag last night.  I am sure that was all motivated by the fact that my sister in law was induced yesterday unexpectedly  at 36 weeks because of a few complications.  Thankfully, we could all breathe deeply this morning when little Mr Falb entered the world at 4:41 a.m, healthy and well. So it felt like maybe my own bags should get packed! My first due date is July 12 and my second is July 19th.  As you can imagine I am hoping for the first but also realize I need to be prepared to leave at any time, babies don’t wait!  🙂

Now on to the real reason for a blog post today:

The ingredients

The ingredients: Ice cream cone cups, white chocolate, blueberries, red raspberries and strawberries

Here our a few little things we have made and enjoyed together over the past couple of days.  We will not be hosting a big July 4th bash this year but we still plan to celebrate in little ways!

Dip 12 cones into 3/4 cup melted white chocolate chips

Dip 12 cones into 3/4 cup melted white chocolate chips

Tell the little hands it's ready and they will be right there!

Tell the little hands it’s ready and they will be right there!

IMG_2738We used cherries, strawberries and bananas the next time we made them.We used cherries, strawberries and bananas the next time we made them.


IMG_2752IMG_2679 IMG_2685

Our next project didn’t quite work out as well as we had hoped but we still enjoyed it.  We took black raspberry ice-cream and let it get soft.  Pureed 1 1/2 cups of blueberries and mixed the ice-cream and blues together to attempt to get a blue for our red, white and blue ice-cream loaf.

IMG_2703We melted some vanilla ice-cream and let it re-freeze then cut stars out of it.

IMG_2705We should have let the ‘blue’ ice-cream re-freeze a bit before we added the stars because what happened is the ‘blue’ was too meltly when we went to put the stars in and so the stars just tipped over.  Oh sigh!


We put this back in the freezer for 30 minutes to harden.

And topped it off with raspberry sherbert (which is Camden’s new love, he thinks sherbert should be on the menu every day).  Here is a rendition of our finished project.

Take your loaf pan out of the freezer and allow it to thaw a bit. Turn over onto a plate and slice

Take your loaf pan out of the freezer and allow it to thaw a bit. Turn over onto a plate, slice and serve.  Repeat.  It’s that yummy!  You will want 2 pieces!  My hubbs did!

The flavors on this little piece of ice-cream cake goodness is tremendous.  So fruity and refreshing.  We will probably make this again!  This idea was not original with me, I think  it comes from Good Housekeeping.  They used vanilla ice-cream and blue food coloring which gives you a truer blue color.  We weren’t going so much for that but more for a refreshing dessert and good flavor!    Cheers to a fun, filled day however you choose to celebrate the 4th!  I would be most happy to be in at the birthing center, birthing my own fire-cracker!