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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Oh wait, Winner, Winner…..Free cookbook.  And the winners are Lucy Dueck and Anna Zachary Miller

Thank you all for joining the fun.



It’s Here & A Give-Away!

My Mother and I are pleased to announce the release of our new cookbook.  We are thrilled to have this opportunity together.

You can purchase the book here.

And in the mean time why don’t you join the giveaway!

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It’s Time!

Our cookbook releases February 1.  We are excited to bring it to you.  We plan to do a little giveaway on that day so check back to enter.

I hope two features you will like about the book are: 1)  it’s spiral bound and  2)  little herb’s  denote my Mother’s recipes vs mine.

You can purchase the book here.



Out Of The Stump…

I am struck anew this Christmas with the profound words in Isaiah 11:1.  They read like this, “Out of the stump of David’s family will grow a shoot……..”

We have 5 freshly made stumps hanging around on our property due to some Ash borer that took out strong trees.  Stumps aren’t really pretty…..they are dead as dead can be but scripture uses that metaphor to tell us that something great is going to come forth from the deadness.  It is just so profound to me.

There are times in my heart where I feel only deadness;  I wonder how anything beautiful can burst forth but as I press into that Scripture specifically it gives me hope!

So, in the season of giving and merriment where can you have faith for situations that look like dead, lifeless stumps?  Maybe it’s the brokenness of your family or some relationship you hold in your hand that you wish was different?  He comes to our hearts and asks us to open them up wide to ALL that HE wants to do in us thru the process of the shoot becoming a tree.

I was busy preparing for a big Christmas party last week and I stopped in my tracks at the wonder of my daughter and her creativity.  This little tree probably has had 6 homes in our house this Christmas.  This particular morning as I was sitting to have quiet before the rush of serving our party my eyes happened upon the tree once more in the most unlikely places (on the floor in a corner of our sunroom)  and  these precious little gifts caught my misty eyes.   I am so grateful the Lord gave me eyes to slow and look at the world thru my daughters eyes!  How can I have more love and joy today by simple heart decisions?  This is a tree in all it’s beauty, radiating Jesus in many ways.  ‘Out of a stump will grow a young shoot’.  Today let HIM have your ‘stump’ because you could be the gift to someone who needs a gift!